Fighting for your safety against script kiddies!

What Does SafetyAtLast Do?

Link scanning

SafetyAtLast uses modern technology to detect links users send and scan them to determine if they're IP loggers, RATS, Trojans, Phishing sites, and many more! We have a independently managed database of known malicious links use well known and we also use trusted sources for such as VirusTotal, Google Safe Browsing and an open source database The Block List Project
Animated Image showing link scanner in action

Animated image showing auto moderation in action

Auto Moderation

SafetyAtLast can watch over your server when no one else can to make sure users aren't causing havoc on your server by spamming the same or multiple different messages. The bot can also remove zalgo (S̵̖̈́͋a̸̛̩̬̔f̴̭̮̈́e̷̺̘͒̀t̶̥̏̕y̴̡̐̅A̴̤̅͜t̷̲̫̊L̴͇͕̂̿a̶̧̤̐s̴̢͕͊͘t̴̡̎) from chat, to keep the chat clean. SafetyAtLast can also prevent people for leaving and rejoining constantly to prevent welcome message spam.


SafetyAtLast can automatically remove any words from the chat you deem to be inappropriate for your server. This bot can also remove ip from chat to prevent people leaking peoples ips or accidentally leaking their own.
Animated image showing filter in action

Advanced Moderation Controls

Want to prevent damage to your discord server if one of your moderator goes rouge? SafetyAtLast has inbuilt system to set limits on the moderation actions an admin can perform in a set time period. You no longer need to worry if you will still have a server in the morning.

Much More!

We've been trying our hardest to make a perfect bot for keeping your server safe so theres plenty of features to choose from! Just look at the Commands page!